Memorial International School Of Tirana
May 29, 2014 12:00:00 am


On Thursday 29th May, our brilliant Grade 5 students had their Graduation Ceremony from Primary School. We were pleased to see a multitude of parents, families and friends who joined us on this occasion. Our special guests included the British Ambassador and his wife who honoured us with their presence and support that evening.

The students put together a world class performance - a musical adaptation of the British legend ‘Robin Hood’. Everyone was amazed to see the incomparable talent shown by the Grade 5 students in the show. Some expressed that they had never seen a more professional and enjoyable production by children before.

The stage comprised of a forest and a castle scene, where many of the props were created by the students. Their amazing creativity in acting, singing and dancing shone through the entire night. The stage was filled with ‘stars’!

At the end of the ‘Robin Hood’ play, the parents and visitors had a chance to see a slideshow of the students’ special moments and memories from Primary School. The presentation was full of quotes about what the students have most enjoyed at school and what they are sad to leave behind.

This was followed by a speech given by the Primary Principal Mr Jeff Liipere, expressing his hopes and aspiration for the Grade 5 students as they progress in school and in life.

In conclusion of the show, the students’ teachers: Mrs Blerta Prendi and Miss Kailey Rocker, invited each one of them to receive their graduation certificates from Primary School. This was an emotional moment for everyone, as they realised that this was the end of an era – a time of wonderful memories, experiences and people they are going to leave behind. But also a time to look forward into the future and the new adventures that life will bring.

We can truly say that it has been a special and unforgettable evening for everyone present!